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How to run Marble Creek Rapid

This rapid is easy to spot as you’ll float over a very deep and calm pool just above it. As the rapid gets started, the river makes a right hand turn, pushing most of the current to the outside bend. The main feature of the rapid, which you want to avoid at most flows, is a large ledge hole that spans from right of center towards river right. At most water levels there is a clean and wide channel just to the left of it and another small channel immediately right of it too. This hole can surf an oar boat if the flows are right, so missing it is important. The typical line is to run left the whole way, being mindful of a set of tall waves just off the left shore, and then positioning your raft onto the wave left of the ledge hole. Some maneuvering is required as you are balancing between going right of the waves at the top of the rapid, and then left of the ledge hole at the bottom. At high water, the ledge hole begins to wash out and a right line opens up.

The wave river left of the ledge hole is a fun play wave for kayaks, and I’ve even seen a surfboard on it too.