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About Joe’s Diner Rapid

The name behind Joe’s Diner is unknown to me, but there is definitely an apparent theme with this section as just downstream of Joe’s is Betty’s Bakery. Feel free to share the story if you know it by getting in touch.

How to run Joe’s Diner

As the river starts to bend to the left start center and move right to left to avoid “Joe’s hole” on the outside of the turn. Once past Joe’s hole, go left or right of “The Greasy Spoon,” which is a hole located center. This hole will stop a raft in its track and send whoever is in the back of the boat flying. Read and run the remainder of this rapid as you dodge around a few boulders just right of center downstream. At higher flows, you can run this rapid the same or enter moving left to right with a lot of momentum and cut just below Joe’s hole to avoid the greasy spoon altogether.