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How to run Maytag Rapid

Maytag is a relatively straightforward rapid, although it is consequential if run incorrectly. Enter Maytag on river left in a channel between two boulders. There are several lateral waves just after the entrance that require you to tee-up. As soon as it is possible, start a move towards the left side of the rapid to exit on the bottom left. The most important part of Maytag is to avoid going far right at the bottom of the rapid. At flows above around 1,000 CFS, a large boulder creates a feature called the “Maytag Hole” at the bottom right. The hole is sticky, and can lead to prolonged surfs, as demonstrated in the video below. At high flows of around 3,000 CFS or more, the Maytag Hole becomes an enormous wave. It is possible to punch the wave at those flows although it would easily flip a boat if you hit it without enough momentum.