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About Walker Glacier Camp

The campsites at Walker Glacier can typically fit three large groups. Groups from the Upper Alsek and Tatshenshini typically stay here so keep an eye out for tents as you approach Walker. Aside from Gateway Knob, this is the most popular campsite on the river. The Park Service asks that groups layover only once on the Lower Alsek. By the letter of law, laying over here means you cannot layover at Gateway Knob.

As you make the turn at Kodak corner, there may be enough water to take a smaller left channel. This will sometimes lead all the way to the campsites and sometimes reconnects to the main current. If you stay in the main current, keep to the left side so you can exit towards the Walker once it gets closer. It would be very easy to miss the camp altogether if you stayed in the center of the main current.

Slowly follow the shore to find the best available place to tie off boats and unload gear. The shoreline here is not well protected if the river is rising significantly. One of the prime campsites was washed away in recent years. Be diligent about tying up boats well. The area in between the edge of the lake and the riverside campsites is an important wilderness corridor for bears. The glacier and lake are impediments to bears on the move so camp near the river, walk in groups, carry bear spray, and keep an eye out for these Coastal Brown Beauties.

If you are running low on cooler ice, consider snagging some ice from the lake. They also make wonderful additions to an evening beverage!