Soap Creek Camp

About Soap Creek Camp

This drainage is where Jacob Hamblin took the badger he killed (just upstream, the namesake of Badger Rapid, camp and creek) boiled it in the alkaline water, and accidentally created soap.

Locating this drainage and camp is easy as the view up river from it is remarkable and the drainage is large. This camp is large and presents an easy scouting opportunity of Soap Creek Rapid, which is adjacent and immediately below the camp.

It is very important to set up a safety line here “marrying” the rafts together. Being so close to the dam the flow changes can be significant and the rapid below will quickly take a loose boat downstream.

Lastly, there are some very interesting pot sherds located just above camp. Several are very intact, please be respectful and do not touch these.

Looking downstream from Bass Camp

When you see this iconic view, you’ve made it to camp.

Upstream view of Bass Camp on a cool day

Tucked behind the bar are plenty of tent sites, a kitchen area and a groover location.