Novatak Glacier


River Left / Right


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About Novatak Glacier

As the Novatak Glacier comes into view as the Alsek takes another dramatic turn south towards Alsek Lake. On a clear day this is one of the most remarkable stretches of river. To the north over the Novatak, it is possible to see North America’s second tallest mountain, 19,551ft Mt. Logan. To the west, the Brabazon Range supports lush forests and dozens of alpine glaciers. The south and east expose new vantage points of the Fairweather Range and the substantial valley glaciers ending just above river level. 15,000 ft Mt. Fairweather eventually comes into view beyond Alsek Lake. There is an excellent place to find wood on river left just before the river turns south. There are plenty of clear creeks on river right as you approach Alsek Lake.