Middle Fork of the Salmon Backcountry Airlines

There are five backcountry airlines that fly into the Middle Fork of the Salmon. This list breaks them all out.

Plane taxiing after landing at Indian Creek airstrip. Photo by Idaho River Journeys

Gem Air

Website: https://gemairflights.com/private-boater/
Phone: (208) 756-7382
Email: flying@gemairflights.com

McCall Aviation

Website: https://www.mccallaviation.com/
Phone: 208-634-7137
Email: mccallaviation@outlook.com

SP Aircraft

Website: https://spaircraft.com/
Phone: (208) 383-3323
Email: Contact form

Sawtooth Flying Service

Website: https://www.sawtoothflying.com/
Phone: 208-634-7774
Email: sawtoothflying@frontier.com

Middle Fork Aviation

Website: http://www.middleforkair.com/For_Boaters.html
Phone: 208-879-5728
Email: mforkair@custertel.net