South Fork American is online

Riding the bull on the SFA. Photo by Jason George.

The most popular river in the west is now online.

The South Fork of the American is set up extraordinarily well for rafting. Tons of access, reliable flows all summer long, challenging but not terrifying whitewater and finally, it’s close to the Bay Area so there is a large whitewater community. This community has found ways to keep the river from being ‘loved to death’ by setting up quiet zones, private and commercial takeouts, and in general, figuring out ways to enrich the river experience without it being overrun.

The South Fork guidebook and map can be found here.

Special thanks and photo credits:

  • Zander Davis. General expertise.
  • Ken Lund. Photos. (Some rights reserved)
  • Evan Smith. Photos.
  • Jason George. Photos.
  • BLM. Photos. (Public domain.)